[Davinci]H.265編碼的影片在DaVinci Resolve會出現離線媒體的解決方式 The solution of H.265 encode video in Davinci Resolve would be offline midea

我猜問題在H.265上,因為windows 10預設的播放器無法播放我手機紅米NOTE7拍下的影片,還說需要花NTD33元買一個HEVC擴充解碼器(?)

最後在大江DJI 論壇找到這個答案


I first tried installing Quicktime for Windows 10, which can be downloaded here -> Quicktime Download, to ensure MOV files could be played, but that wasn't the trick....
Windows 10 needs HEVC extensions to decode H.265. There's a 99 cent version on the Microsoft store here -> HEVC Extensions paid download. But wait!!!
There's also a free version of the extensions called HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer that can be downloaded here ->  HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer Download. (These are both Microsoft download links. Take care to not download extensions from unsafe third-party websites). The difference between the two is "The free one will only work if your device already provides a way to process HEVC-encoded content. High-end video-processing devices released in 2015 and most (but not necessarily all) such devices sold in 2016 and beyond should support this." 

So try the free one first - it will most likely work. If not, fork out the 0.99 and download the paid version. The Mavic 2 Pro LUT also works, but as peotoe confirms, Lens Correction is a Studio feature.
With my hardware, I run out of GPU ram if the clip is very long. Tweaking the Resolve playback "Proxy Mode" to reduce the playback resolution may help with limited GPU ram. Also setting the "Render Cache" to Smart mode can improve performance... These tweaks only affect playback performance and not encoding configurations...

但也有個免費版本可以下載(HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer Download)
在Windows store上就有,檔案很小,也不用怕中毒

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